Product Story 


Our deodorants are only made with simple, pure ingredients

Coconut Oil

Cocoa Butter


Candelilla wax

Sodium Bicarbonate


Is there a link between antiperspirants and cancer?  

Luscious Lip & Cheek Tints

Only natural ingredients and NO FOOD COLOURING!

We have worked hard to create a soothing, moisturizing treatment for your sensitive lips. We even infuse our emollient oils with medicinal herbs like Calendula, Sea Buckthorn, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Yarrow, Echinacea and Comfrey. Nut Free!


Back Country Diva (Red)

Rustic Affair (Red/Orange)

Absolutely Fabulous (Pink)

Fireside Temptation (Deep Red)

Skinny Dipper (Natural)

Luxurious Body Butter

Small - 40 grams 

Large - 100 grams

Your skin expresses how well you take care of yourself. The easiest way to keep your body happy and glowing is to moisturize it. Why not use an all natural product that contains super emollients for nourishing and replenishing what your body wants and needs.

We include Glycerin in almost all of our products because it works on skin as a humectant which attracts moisture onto your skin and seals in our other natural ingredients.

Our body butter keeps you feeling and smelling amazing all day.

Warm Vanilla
Fragrance free

Body Bar

100 grams/ 3.25 oz

How handy is a soap formulated to clean your hair but still works on the rest of your body as well. We put in nourishing Avocado, Castor and Babassu oils to moisturize your hair, but also Tea-tree oil and Rosemary to cleanse and purify. Your hair will be squeaky clean and shiny with no frizz even in the worst weather. No chemical build up.

We also have a lovely tin container for travel. Tin sold separately.

Citrus Swirl
Spearmint & Rosemary 


Sun Screen

Vegan, Nut Free, Fragrance Free! 

Your skin needs protecting all year round, we now have the perfect sunscreen for you. This is smooth and goes on like body cream, without leaving you white.

It has 20% Zinc Dioxide, non-Nano, the safe kind. Also a teaspoon of Red Raspberry & Carrot Seed Essential Oils in each tin. These oils just on their own can provide up to 35-45 SPF.

The wax helps make it water-resistant but NOT waterproof. As like all sunscreens, apply liberally and re-apply every 2-3 hours for best protection.

Shaving Bar

80 Grams/2.75Oz

This bar creates a massive amount of lather for a creamy shave on your face or legs and armpits for all those female dudes out there. It has a nice glide and soft scent that won't over power but sooth.

It comes in it's own handy tin, included with the product.



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