1127 Shawenegog Lake Lane

Cloyne, ON

K0H 1K0




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You're a Birch Babe


Toronto - Uppdoo Boutique

Tweed - The Unconventional Moose

Glenburnie - Countryside Treasures


Peterborough - Greenup

Kingston - All Good Things Home Shop

Cloyne - The Maz  

Greystones Gift Store - Bon Echo Park

Babylon, Long Island, NY - O'BeeHave Naturals

Ottawa - Delilah (in the Glebe)

Ottawa - Terra20

Ottawa - PurEnvi Eco Spa 

Waterloo - Zero Bulk Waste

California - The Refill Shoppe

Vernon, British Columbia -  Fill Refill Store

Vancouver, British Columbia - The Soap Dispensary

Burlington, Ontario - The Refillery Market

Burlington, Ontario - Park Market Refillery

Grimsby, Ontario - One Earth  Refillery

Sarnia, Ontario - Great Lakes Refillery

Brockville, Ontario - Heavenly Touch Spa

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there are over
60 species of Birch trees!